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Wrought in sweat and blood is our society imbued with the character of ceaseless struggle inherited from the very primordial circumstances presumably supplanted in its formation. Yet wheresoever the martial character lacks purchase in peaceable society does it “chatter and quarrel”1 and fester accordingly — a wound unexamined, untreated, and unanswered. It is in pursuit of such purchase that this publication draws its bead and, from whence, issues its report.

At present, this work is under development and underway, here:


Once in a great while there is a movement of mindset which defies the trappings of convention and contemporary sentiment to such a degree that it must be stated outright or expressed in some coherence of style. It must be stated not only for public clarification and edification, but for those swept up in its wake to work it out for their own benefit of understanding. Our focus and assertion here is that one such movement, that which might be best referred to as Militancy, while seemingly correlate with a perhaps dubious ethos, stands yet as a fundamental enough dimension of human life to warrant exploration and elaboration.

Toward this aim might we best immerse ourselves in the mindset with an underlying ethos derived from the practical and theoretical underpinnings of the expeditionary mode. More specifically will we explore the utility of Militancy as a general phenomenon in furthering the aims of Rapid Expedition at large. To do so will we establish and develop a publication with a decidedly militant editorial and aesthetic spirit under the name of Weaponize!.

Never forgetting…

Chief among the influences behind this publication is the Vorticist literary magazine, BLAST. Appropriately then should this publication breed its own artistic counterpart in like spirit to that of BLAST and in the equivalent modern form of the ‘zine under the abbreviated form of its name, *WPNZ!

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1. id=”f1”> From Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, “On War and Warriors” (as translated by Walter Kaufmann):

You should have eyes that always seek an enemy–your enemy. And some of you hate at first sight. Your enemy you shall seek, your war you shall wage–for your thoughts. And if your thought be vanquished, then your honesty should still find cause for triumph in that. You should love peace as a means to new wars–and the short peace more than the long. To you I do not recommend work but struggle. To you I do not recommend peace but victory. Let your work be a struggle. Let your peace be a victory! One can be silent and sit still only when one has bow and arrow: else one chatters and quarrels. Let your peace be a victory! </sup>

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